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Thai Massage Dublin

Thai Well Centre studio is situated in the heart of Ranelagh village in Dublin between ZipYard and Butlers Chocolate Cafe. Whether you are feeling stressed or have a recurring injury, a visit to us will leave you rejuvenated. Thai Well Centre is the oldest continuously running Thai Massage Centre in Ireland. Our staff members are trained to the highest standards. Each one having received their training and qualifications from the  Wat Po and Bangkok School of Massage in Thailand. We receive the highest possible recommendations from our clients.

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Why Choose Thai Massage?

The Thai Well Centre offers amazing results using Traditional Thai Massage Treatments. Our extensive range of treatments are suitable for both men and women who want to incorporate regular massage into their routine to deal with daily stresses and strains. Thai Massage is an ancient practice with many proven benefits. Thai Massage is effective in helping with muscle joint tension. It relieves stiffness and helps the body maintain flexibility.  It results in bringing about balance to the skeletal structure stimulating internal organs, improving blood circulation and balancing the energy system in the body. Thai Massage gives relief from multiple common ailments such as anxiety, asthma and migraines to sprains and bruising. Why not book an appointment today to see if it works for you.

Our Most Popular Treatments

Our therapies have been designed to relax the mind, revive the body and rejuvenate the spirit.  Authentic Thai Massage is an interactive manipulation of the body, applying deep pressure along acupressure points and energy lines.  Based on ancient knowledge it is a proven treatment for many ailments that are common to Ireland. We have a large number of clients who return time and time again and many of whom we have restored to full health in a short space of time.  See below for a sample of our most popular treatments.

Thai Hot Oil Healing Massage
Hot Oil Healing Thai Massage in Dublin
Authentic Thai Massage
Authentic Thai Massage in Dublin
Pre/Post Natal Massage
Thai Massage Treatment Pre/Post Natal
Sports Injury Massage
Thai Sports Injury Treatments in Dublin

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